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I am an actress residing in Los Angeles. I was never much of a wine drinker until my husband, Chas, got a bottle of Del Bondio Cabernet Sauvignon as a gift. My mom was visiting from Germany and we opened the bottle for her. She had nearly finished of the bottle when she suggested we should really try this wine. We each had a “taste”, that was all that was left in the bottle, but we were both hooked. We are still in the process of learning about wines and vines so our reviews are from the prospective of wine appreciators  and not professional sommeliers.






I am an I.T. Technician living in Los Angeles, California with my wife Nina. As you can probably imagine (since you are on this site) I enjoy trying and rating wines that I have never had before. Fortunate is an understatement since I work in a fabulous organization that has an amazing food and beverage department that shatters most five star rated places. With a Sommelier on hand there is always an emphasis on beverages and the pairing of wines with exquisite meals. I do frequently seek guidance on which wines to try and occasionally just grab a recommended bottle to see how it drinks. To date one of my favorite bottles is a Silver Oak Napa Cab which I am sure many of you wonder really…but yes I am drawn to the deep dark wines. The darker fruitier earthier if you will. Call it a preference if you must but we all have a taste we enjoy more than others and this just happens to be mine! I hope you enjoy this journey as we explore many boutique and affordable wines.

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